Friday, March 27, 2015

Arvazallia Professional Hair Care Series

*I received these free for testing purposes, all opinions are my own*

A sign of a good hair care system is when the first time you use it you get a ton of compliments on your hair. That's what happened to me the first time I used Arvallia's Shampoo and hair mask. I'm a sucker for products that make me look fabulous AND repair my hair, and this system does both. There's a shampoo, a conditioner, and a hair mask for an extra boost of moisture once a week.

The shampoo and conditioner are meant to be used daily and contain argan and macadamia oil to restore and hydrate your hair. They smell almost reminds me of Head and Shoulders, a brand that has continually let me down, so I was pretty nervous the first time I used it. But the shampoo cleaned my hair completely without striping it of all moisture and the extra thick conditioner is almost like a mini mask and leaves me with soft and silky hair. These also seemed to bring out the red in my hair, when I still had some red dye in my hair, but now that my dye job is completely faded they don't do that. There is nothing on the bottles about being color safe or extending the life of dyed hair, but I think it helped a bit.

For an extra boost of hydration there is a argan oil mask to be used once a week on your hair. Like most masks it should be applied to towel dried hair then left in place for 5-7 minutes. I like to use it at the beginning of the week or on a special day like dinner with friends. The mask it self smells nice, kind of fresh and clean, which is a nice perk. And I've noticed less frizz on humid days than I normally have as well.

While this is a more expensive shampoo and conditioner than I normally buy at $17.99 each (with free Prime shipping), I feel like these are boot camp for your hair. Not something I would do all the time but would buy in a heart beat if my hair needed a boost. The mask is $16.99 (with free Prime shipping), which is a little more than some of the other hair masks that I like but not high priced enough that I cringe when I see it. Since this is a once a week treatment it will last for quite a while. Overall I really like this and if you need some boot camp for your hair I highly recommend these.

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