Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Ah Thursday, we meet again. As per my usual I'm linking up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her Thursday Thoughts Link Up.

Have you entered my latest Giveaway yet? There is still a week left so if you haven't yet you should get on that. Who doesn't love free stuff?

My Yves Saint Laurent Influenster box arrived! I'll be posting my full review on Saturday, but I will say this has been a pretty exciting box to receive. Might be the most expensive mascara I have ever used or will ever use in my life.

My son just started sparring at the Taekwondo school I teach, how adorable is he in all of his gear? I'm always so proud of how hard he works, and I love that he loves this sport as much as I do. And before anyone worries, nobody is actually hitting or kicking him during the matches I promise. The gear is for added safety, but because of his age there is no contact allowed. And he only spars people skilled enough that I have zero concern of there being an accident. Me on the other hand, I'm getting hit full force during my matches. I've got some nice bruises from the last sparring class, the gear only covers so much. I have a full contact job, not many people can say that.

My Birchbox should be coming in the next few days, so expect that review next week. I kind of feel like this box is taking forever to get to me, normally I receive mine just a few days after the 10th. My preview is pretty good so I'll excuse the tardiness this time. Anybody else's box taking forever to get to them?

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