Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Running Armbands Make Running Fun!

*I received this product free for testing purposes, all opinions are my own*

One of my New Year resolutions was not to lose weight but to get back in shape like I was before cancer and baby. So far I've been doing pretty well actually, but the thing is certain activities are boring. Running especially can be boring, which means you are less likely to stick with it. One of the things that helps is music, but sticking something in your pocket is the quickest way to break it. So when I was given the chance to test out a running arm band designed to hold my phone I ran right over (hahaha I made a pun! Sorry.)

The Running Armband I received is from iGear, and is designed to hold a Samsung Galaxy S2 through the S5, which is what I have. You have the choice of pink or black, and as you can see I received the pink one. While I'm not a fan of the gendered colors, I will admit the hot pink is easier to find in the gaping pit known as my bag. There is also a rectangle of reflective material around the front, which is a safety feature I appreciate. I was most surprised about was that I can actually use my touch screen through the clear protective cover. I thought for sure it would never work, but I was able to not only change songs but answer a few messages as I worked out. I could not use the fingerprint scanner to unlock my phone, but that was the only thing I could not do when my phone was in the case.

The actual band is made out of neoprene, which is what wet suits are made out of. It stretches a bit and I though conformed well to my arm. The sizing is pretty universal, it fit my son in a sweatshirt at it's smallest and one of my adult male students at it's largest. It would not fit my husband, but he has arms the size of my thighs. There is also a secret pocket to hold a key, which is such a nice detail. I've been stabbed many times by my house key hiding in a sock or bra. I had no problem with this slipping around over a sleeved arm, I have not used it on a bare arm yet (still freezing here), but I imagine it would stay even better on skin.

For $7.99 (with free Prime shipping), this is a great value. It worked well, fit well, and did exactly what I needed it to. Is it the fanciest looking armband on the market? No, but who really cares. I would rather have a plain looking item that worked well than a fancy looking object that didn't work at all. I really like this and highly recommend it to anybody who is in the market for one. And the price makes it affordable for all budgets, so run (Ha!) out and get one.

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