Saturday, March 28, 2015

Project Pan 2015 Update

Greetings and salutations! I thought I'd take a moment to update you guys on my Project Pan and expand on it a little bit, maybe talk about how I use items up. Basically I'm going to talk about my makeup habits for a bit because why not? First a quick refresher if you don't want to read the whole post. I picked 11 items at the start of the year that I wanted to finish up by the first day of Summer. I named this my Project Pan Spring 2015 and declared if I finished everything I'd treat myself to the original Revealed palette.

This is what I originally started with

This is what I currently have left of my Project pan. I've actually made really good progress I think, I've finished 4 items so far and am pretty close to finishing 2 more. I won't talk about the items I've already finished, I did that in various empties posts, so I'll just talk about what's left, how I've been using it, and how I plan to finish it up.

I admittedly haven't been using this eyeshadow as much as I planned to, which is why there isn't a ton more pan showing. I've made decent progress, don't get me wrong, but I thought for sure I'd finish this color up pretty quickly. I like to use this shadow when I'm doing a really dramatic winged eyeliner or a soft neutral eye, but I imagine I could probably use it to highlight as well. I'll try and use it more in April, at least twice a week until May is my commitment to finishing it up.

This is the item that surprised me the most with my progress. I hadn't used very much at all when I decided to pan it, so I figured I'd never finish it by Summer. As you can see I'm slightly over halfway done with it now, which is fast progress for a lip balm. I try and use it every morning and night, so that's been helping quite a bit. I may use it on my cuticles a bit, they need some TLC and that'll help use this up faster. I'm not pretty sure I'll be done with this by Summer.

This is the item I thought I'd have done and now think I won't finish. I had so much pan showing on this blush a few weeks ago that I repressed it. And now I realize I really didn't have as much done as I had thought. The powder goes halfway up the pan, so it will be a while before I hit pan again let alone finish it. I'll keep using it and hopefully I'll make more progress than I think on it. I currently use it almost everyday, so there is still hope of finishing it. Maybe.

Why do pencil liners take so long to use up? I swear this pencil will take me 50 years to use up. I can use it all week and only have to sharpen it once. This is now just shorter than my pinkie, so I've used maybe an inch total. That is some slooooow progress for how much I use it. I may try it as an eyebrow pencil just to get some double duty out of it and wear it down quicker. 

I was so proud of my progress on this lipstick until I compared it to my starting picture. I have used up some, and it was good progress, just not nearly as good as I thought it was. I'm pretty sick of this lipstick so I've only used it once all month, but I'll pick it back up in April. I want to try it as a dewy blush one day just to see how it would look, I've used other lipsticks as blush before. If it looks ok I'll have it pull double duty twice a week for all of April and that should get it down quite a bit. I can't wait till this is done and I can toss it, soooooo sick of this color.

This eyeshadow just keeps trucking along, I'm impressed. I use it in my crease almost everyday it seems and yet there it is, still not finished. I even use it on my whole lid once a week. Impressive. I really want this to be done by the end of April so I'm going to try contouring my nose with it. The shade is a bit darker than I normally use but I think if I blend it well it won't look terrible. Famous last words right? Stay tuned for a hilarious Instagram picture when I actually attempt it.

Another item I've had really good progress on, the paper shows how much I have left (about an inch). I've used up half of what was left when I started this Project Pan, so really good progress. I'm trying to finish this one by the end of April as well, but it will probably take till mid-May in reality. The color is a copper shade, so not something that goes with every look out there. Wish I could think of a way to use it more.

So that's my progress so far, not to shabby huh? I need a new prize though, I already bought the Revealed palette. I'm thinking that Jouer set I really want, or the Smashbox Full Exposure palette. I'm open to suggestions, what should be my carrot? If you are currently doing a Project Pan how is your progress going?

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