Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

This is the last Thursday of March, is that baffling anybody else? I feel like this month went by super quick, but that may be because of how busy I've been lately. Anyways, as per my usual I am linking up with Jen of Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for her weekly Thursday Thoughts link up.

First, I'd like to apologize for the unexpected break, I was kicked in the jaw during sparring class at my work and probably had a mild concussion in addition to the bruised and swollen face. I really just needed a few days to recover and not worry about anything else. I will probably be doing double posts today and tomorrow to get caught back up on my back log. I really need to get that buffer built up.

I finally ordered the original Revealed palette, so I've been playing with that all week. I'll be doing a full review next week, but right now I like it. Not as much as I like the Revealed 2, but I like it. I may eventually pick up the Revealed 3, but as of right now I like the colors less and less every time I see it. If you own it and did a review of it I'd love to read it so link it down below in the comments.

So I'm slowly learning everything I need to know to make videos for YouTube, and I should be filming my first video here in the next week. When it will actually go up is another story, but still that's progress. Video editing is way more involved than any of the photo editing I do for my blog, so I have huge respect for people who put out several videos a week. That is some serious dedication. What kind of videos would you like to see? I kind of want to do hair and makeup tutorials as well as first impression videos. Any thoughts?

My Birthday is coming up! I might be freaking out about that a little bit, I'll be 29 which feels so so old sometimes. But I'm excited to get some free goodies for my Birthday. I will update my Birthday Freebie post with any changes, like the Ulta and Sephora gift. I think I signed up to get a gift from a few new companies, so that should be fun. Free stuff is my favorite stuff. And I've got a giant haul from Birchbox planned as my birthday present to myself as well.

What books are you guys reading right now? I have a VERY long car ride coming up in another month or two so I'm trying to find a book or two to read. I'm pretty open to whatever, I just need something to keep me occupied for 16 hours.

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