Wednesday, March 18, 2015

ELF Blush Palettes

I am a huge fan of palettes, not only to they offer more product for your buck but they also offer you a wider range of choices in your day to day makeup. Typically you see eyeshadow palettes, though contouring palettes have been the big thing lately. Blush palettes do exist, but they are often very costly. But ELF cosmetics released their last batch of new products they also released two different blush palettes that were only $6 each. I've been a pretty big fan of ELF blushes, so I knew I'd have to get these as soon as they were available at my local Target.

The two palettes each contain 4 different blushes, which to my understanding are not blushes you can buy individually. I like that they aren't repeats, I already own a few ELF blushes and I'd hate to buy a whole palette for only one new blush. One palette is the Light palette, while the other is labelled as being Dark. Both palettes look exactly the same on the outside, the only way to tell them apart without opening them up is the little sticker on the bottom. The palette themselves are made from a sturdy plastic and feel nice in your hand, and each has a nice sized mirror. They aren't clunky or huge so I feel like they'd be nice to travel with, especially with the variety of colors offered in each palette.

Dark Palette
The Dark palette obviously has the darker colors out of the two. The bottom left has glitter in it, but so far that intense glitter in the pan has not transferred over to my face. These are all very pigmented, so I really recommend a soft touch both when you pick the powder up and when you apply it to your face. Both palettes are super soft, significantly more than any other ELF blush I've tried, which can make them difficult to apply. They blend ok, but because of the high level of pigmentation there is a larger potential to apply too much.

Top Left, top right, bottom left, bottom right.
I really liked the top left and the bottom right, peachy/coral colors look really great on my skin tone. The above swatches I think show just how pigmented these colors are, the bottom left was especially pigmented. I felt like these were all warmer shades, minus the top right pink shade. Because these are darker I think someone with really pale skin would have a harder time wearing these. 

Light Palette
The Light palette has more of the traditional pink blushes, though one of the powders is what I would consider a contouring shade. I've never used brown as a blush, so I'm a little perplexed why this would be included in a blush palette. The bottom right has the most shimmer out of the group, I'd say it's about standard shimmer level for ELF blushes. That blush is also close to the blush half of the St Lucia blush and contour palette ELF sells, so if you like that shade you'd probably enjoy this one as well. And as with the Dark palette, these are super soft so be careful when using.

Top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right
Minus the "contouring" shade, I really like this palette and I've been using this one more than the other one. The top left isn't as pigmented as the others, but it gives a really nice, natural flush to my cheeks so I love it for my everyday look. I do really wish they had picked something other than that brown shade, it just really isn't working for me and seems to clash with the rest of the shades in the palette. The bottom right is the most pigmented out of the actual blushes, but I am pretty happy with the pigmentation of all of them. This palette feels a bit more universal to me and I think it would go well with most skin tones.

Looking at them side by side, they could have done a peach/coral palette and a pink palette instead of a Light and Dark. Two of the pinks are pretty similar both in the pan and in the swatches, but not close enough that I'd call it a repeat. These would be nice in one large palette as well, I may remove the pans and place them in a large palette sometime in the future. I'm not sure if you can tell in the pictures, but the plastic around each pan looks like it was designed to pop off so if you like to depot your products I have a feeling these will be really easy to do. 

Overall I'm very happy with both palettes and at the $6 price point they are well worth it. Each blush ends up being $1.50, which is a really great price. I'll continue to use these, though I may not use every single shade on a regular basis. I'm hoping ELF will put out other blush palettes in the future, I'd love to see a bigger variety of colors and finishes available.


  1. That sparkly red in the dark palette is so pretty. Love that it's so subtle on

  2. The colors in both these palettes both look pretty and wearable and the value is quite good considering the price. I should see if it's in stock at the ELF store next time I walk by.

    1. ooh, lucky! I have to wait for my local Target to get new items in.