Monday, March 2, 2015

Star Trek Mr Spock Mani Monday

As I'm sure most of you know by now, Leonard Nemoy (who played Spock on Start Trek in addition to doing many other awesome things) passed away last week. I am devastated by his passing, he's always been an inspiration for me and Star Trek was (and still is) a HUGE part of my life. I decided to dedicate today's manicure to his role as Spock. Also I know this post is a little later than normal, I kind of fell asleep last night and forgot to queue this up. Oops.

To do this manicure you will need:

  • A light blue polish. My Dermelect polish in Above It was the closest I owned to the blue of his costume.
  • Gold polish. I'm using Sinful Colors in This Is It.
  • Clear top coat. I'm using my new Ulta one.
  • A small brush

First step is to paint your nails the blue shade. Try and get it as smooth as possible, I ended up needing three coats.

Now the tricky part, doing the Star Trek emblem. It is basically a triangle with longer points at the bottom. The point on the left is thicker than the point on the right and the curved edge is not in the center, it should be leaning to the right. The easiest was to create this is to start with the top point and draw you lines down. Slowly fill in the triangle and add in the curved bottom. Just take it slowly and don't stress if it isn't exactly perfect. If it is looking a little see through do a second layer over it.

Spock's uniform has two gold stripes on his sleeves to signify his rank, so our manicure needs two stripes as well. I did a small gold tip with a gold stripe above that. You can tape it off if you want them super even but I just painted them in by hand. Like with the emblem, do a second layer if the gold is a little to see through for your taste.

Now top with the clear coat then clean up your edges and you are all done. Now go get a box of tissues and watch The Wrath of Khan again.

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