Thursday, March 12, 2015

Evian Facial Spray GIVEAWAY!!

With Summer and warmer weather coming up, I bet quite a few of you are thinking about ways to keep your makeup look good throughout the day or even new ways to soothe burned skin (I married a red head so i spend most of summer treating sun burns). The US Distributor of Evian Facial Sprays, the Wilkes Group, has graciously agreed to let me host a giveaway for two 5 oz spray bottles of their world famous mineral water sprays. Did you know these sprays were originally created at the request of French Doctors wanting something to help with burn patients? These are really great sprays and with supper right around the corner you will want one in your beach bag.  The giveaway ends March 29th, so make sure you enter before then. I'm very excited for this and I hope some of you guys win! Good luck!

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